How to become a leading WordPress Developer?

First, let’s get few things straight: becoming the top WP developer is not just everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of hard work, patience and knowledge to earn a good position in the market. If you are searching for checklists or some fast pass that will help you become a good developer, then it will be good that you should stop wasting your time, because there is no shortcut to success. Being one of the best is hard, so make sure you are prepared to face all challenges that will cross your path.

By installing WordPress, reading few online tutorials and customizing some pre-made themes will not make you the top WordPress Developer. By doing all these you will know more than an average person but cannot call yourself an expert. If you want to be a professional then you have to spend at least 4-5 years in this industry. An expert or top developers are away above the basics and try to push each boundary so that he can reach their target. They not only innovate and demonstrate mastery but also contribute to the WP community which helps other too. So if you wish to become an expert then you need to have a full command over the whole WP development process.


Why Be A Top Developer

Why not? If you are planning to work with WordPress then you should be aware of the benefits associated with this sector. Make sure you don’t earn a tag of an average developer if you wish to be the best then you have to put some extra efforts so that you can quickly steer past them. For an instance, the top WordPress developers:

Make the most money

The demand for WordPress developers is high in the market, and the clients are willing to pay more for those developers who are the best in their field of work.

Get the best clients

When you are at the top position, you will have the freedom to say “No” to the projects that you don’t want to work upon. You can also say yes to the desired WordPress Customization projects

Have the most influence

Being at the top position means that you have the powers to influence and capability to shape the future of WordPress and the whole ecosystem that is built across it.

If you’re going to make it to the top, then you make sure you spend at least one hour daily on reading and practising WordPress customizations. There are no shortcuts or other ways that will lead you to the top, so it will be good that you start learning as soon as possible. It’s your knowledge base that will assist you in implementing innovative techniques in the WP development process.
Reaching the top requires lots of sacrifices so make sure you are ready to take chances. You can start with one dedicated and distraction-free hour of reading & learning. Take notes of all the necessary points and in case you face any issue, you should search for the solutions online. Day after day, week after week, you will yourself see the success.


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